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#Fake ObamaCare News

February 17th, 2018 Insurance
Uh-oh, looks like someone misspelled 3000% rate decrease:

Health care premiums for the skimpiest Obamacare plans in the District of Columbia are skyrocketing in 2018.”

Rates for Bronze-level plans are supposed to be among the lowest (with concomitantly higher out-of-pocket exposure). The article cites the example of Daniel Turner, “a single healthy guy in Washington, D.C., with no dependents.” His Bronze plan shot up almost 36%, to over $ 4,400 a year. Couple that with his deductible and co-insurance and he’s out over $ 10 grand before the plan pays a nickel.

Oh, wait, he does get a “free” colonoscopy, which is worth at least a few hundred, right?

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