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Health Wonk Review: Pink edition

October 12th, 2017 Insurance
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so please forgive this brief detour:

I’m raising money to fight breast cancer with my team: Love, Hope and Faith. Our walk is on Saturday, October 21st in Dayton, Ohio.

Will you please help out by making a donation – any amount helps.

Thank you!

And now, on with the show:

First up, Bradley Flansbaum isn’t bullish on long term care: over 70% of seniors will need it at some time, and they’re ill-prepared to pay for it. The good news is that Btradley offers some hopeful ideas about how to resolve that.

Next, Andrew Sprung makes the case that the ACA most closely resembles London after the Blitz, citing the Trump administration’s meddling as the culprit, and he’s not happy about the current situation, or sanguine about the program’s future.

Uber Wonk Roy Poses offers his take on what he calls the Health Care Revolving Door. He’s concerned about the seemingly endless stream of folks hopping from private industry into government advisory jobs, and vice versa.

HWR co-founder (and dear friend) Julie Ferguson is our guru of WC (Workers Comp), and offers us an insight into how WC costs and benefits are distributed amongst the 50 states. I know very little about WC, and found her information pretty interesting.

Our good friend (and fellow long-time HWR host) Louise Norris offers something I’ve never seen before. I’ll let her explain:

This post was written by myself and three colleagues: David Anderson, Charles Gaba, and Andrew Sprung. It’s an overview of the different approaches that states and insurers have taken with regards to the CSR funding uncertainty for 2018, and the impact that those various approaches have on consumers and overall plan pricing.”

Okay, so very interesting Henry, but what makes this unique?


We all published it concurrently on our blogs this morning.”

Isn’t that cool? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a post co-written and then concurrently posted like this before.


Our friend Dr Dana Beezley-Smith has been published once again in The National Psychologist, this time on the subject of price transparency in health care (Spoiler Alert: she’s for it).

Our own Mike Feehan has a scary pre-Halloween story to tell, as he warns us that the Health Insurance Fee that was temporarily put back on the shelf for 2017 will loom large next year. Why’s that? Well, last year it cost insureds about $ 13 billion. So do the math.

The next ‘Review is in two weeks over at David Williams’ establishment.

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