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July 31st, 2017 Insurance
Last month, we reported on the increasing number of counties across the fruited plain that will have no carriers from which to buy insurance.

Now comes news, via FoIB Ʀєfùsєηíκ, that folks here in the Buckeye State may be getting a slight reprieve:

Ohio Department of Insurance Director Jillian Froment today joined five major Ohio health care insurers to announce that health insurance options have been restored on the federal exchange in 19 Ohio counties following the withdrawal of other insurers earlier this year.”

The carriers include Buckeye Health Plan, CareSource, Medical Mutual of Ohio, Molina Health Care of Ohio and Paramount Health Care, which is great news for folks in those counties, for certain values of “great.” As co-blogger Patrick reminds us:

Molina’s nearest physician in Findlay, OH (Hancock County) is 22 miles away. Closest hospital 23 miles away. Great ‘option’.”

And a reminder, as well, that these plans are available only on the Exchange, which is nice if one is eligible for a subsidy, not so much if not.

So, one step forward….

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